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Posted on June 23, 2014 at 3:23 pm works extremely hard to help you build and grow your business. It offers more than just web design. It helps you improve your website, grow your business and provide practical assistance on how to help your business maximise the benefits of the internet. Freetimers main principle is to give an outstanding service to its clients and to work with them as their internet partner. offer the following range of services:

Web Design and Development

Having constructed some 1000 websites since its inception, the web designers have unique skills and experience that sets it apart from other web design agencies. They are not just programmers, graphic designers and marketers; they also have experience in business management. Web design includes the following graphic design and logo creation, branding and corporate identity, content managed website design, blog design, Ecommerce web design and PowerPoint design.

Online Marketing and Promotion

Using search engine optimization is one way to market your business. Freetimers have been doing SEO even before Google came into place. SEO marketing is not expensive. If you want to take your business forward then internet marketing is a must do. Some of the online marketing and promotion services include Pay Per Click, Link Building, Content and Articles marketing, Keyword research and visitor tracking.

eCommerce Website Design has produced a good number of large and complex ecommerce sites. They design and manage using a variety of ecommerce shop systems. Their ecommerce system is designed to grow, expand and is customized to suit your business. Some ecommerce websites out there force you to restructure your business around them, putting you at a disadvantage against your competitors. With freetimers they optimize your ecommerce so it reflects your business processes and also improves and streamlines them. This gives you a competitive edge.

Multi-Channel Web Management

Freetimers Multi-Channel Ecommerce website helps owners to manage their products properly. It helps you manage each product for inventory, description, price for each channel uniquely and within a single database and system. This helps you prevent the issue of duplicate content. Orders are received from each channel directly into your website’s admin system too. In addition, updates to products can be handled easily. This system help you increase the number of products being sold and leads to significant increase in sales.

Content Managed Websites (CMS)

Freeetimers realized it is very important websites owners to manage their content and developed CMS. Their websites are designed to be easier and faster to customize and expand. All the websites they develop come with content management as a standard. With the help of it you can create unlimited number of pages, edit, add and format text, images, tables and graphics. One can also mange his site’s navigation.

Mobile Websites and Applications

The fact that here is huge increase in mobile internet usage means it should be considered. With the introduction of iPhone, iPads, Smartphones and tablets, all businesses have to address it. If you have a business website you have to make it adapt to mobile.

Dedicated Website Support

Every website needs support from time to time. Every website owner knows how important support is when your website breaks or something goes wrong in your website.

These are just some of the major services they provide. With you get high quality service and results.



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