How Do Different Industries Use 3D Design?

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 11:21 am

An industry that has gained a lot of momentum over the last while, is 3D design. It has a variety of uses, from making esthetically pleasing design, to creating new and exciting solutions to old problems. One of the reasons for its popularity is just that – its versatility. This somewhat new industry has already become a staple for many companies across the globe – so this is how different industries can use 3D design in Bedfordshire.

Film-making and Online Videos
Do you remember those funky glasses you used to have to put on to watch 3D movies in the cinema back in the day? You can say that those were the first steps towards 3D design. Today, the film-making industry has stepped it up to use 3D design for all sorts of special effects. It is even part of the process when they create superheroes, have actors act out crazy fight scenes with sensors, and much more.

Video Games
Have you played any video games recently? Ok, so if not, you probably remember Mario Bros or Pacman moving around your screen. Today, games are different. You enter into a fully functioning three-dimensional world, where you move about, run and jump, while being fully surrounded by objects, landscapes and other players. This is thanks to 3D design – rather than creating flat games, there is a whole new world of 3D games out there today.

3D Printing
This is a result of 3D design that has changed the rules of the game for many manufacturers, as well as the health industry, architecture, and many more. 3D printing means that the 3D design created on a computer can take full shape on a printer in one piece. Many companies are using this to completely change the game within their industries, while others are using it for research and to find new solutions.

Interior Design
Drawing depth has been around for a while, but what if you could picture exactly what your home will look like after renovations – colour patterns, furniture, space and all. Well, now you can! By using 3D design in Bedfordshire, you can have a digital image of your home created online, showing you the exact changes that will take place. This helps you tweak and change designs, and if you wish, you can play around to come up with some completely new ideas.

Automotive Companies
The automobile industry has always tried to stay ahead of the curve by using the latest technology. Today, they are using 3D design to envision their vehicles, vehicle parts, safety measure, among other components. Normally, this is an industry where 3D designers are part of the permanent staff, since the engineers rely heavily on their expertise.

There is no doubt that the world is changing and 3D design and modeling is known as one of the many revolutions that has taken place in the design world. Most industries today use some sort of 3D design, including health, architecture, science and engineering. It allows your imagination to go wild and lets designers see what they are making before the project comes to live.

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