Collection of Useful Open Source CSS Resources

Posted on February 24, 2013 at 12:00 pm

There are loads of free scripts to download and include in your website projects. Developers are constantly releasing their work under open source General Public Licenses. This allows other developers to work off the same code and even customize pieces to better suit their project’s needs. Overall the majority of codes you’ll find these days are written in JavaScript or backend languages.

But I will say there are some newer CSS libraries and resources which are extremely beneficial to most frontend developers. In the article below I have put together a set of very handy tools, resources, and code libraries for web developers. All the codes are written in CSS-only and should not require any JavaScript to function. This is a nice mindset to build around your website since not all users will browse the Internet with support for JavaScript.

1. Ivory Framework

IVORY is a frontend CSS framework for building responsive grids in web design. You can check out their live demo which showcases much of what can be accomplished. The codes are also completely free and open source for developers to play around with.

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