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Is your business listed locally online?

Posted on September 14, 2019 at 11:46 am

Lots of business have a website which they pump a lot of their marketing budget in to and they may even do some social media marketing, but what is often missed is the often free local advertising that they could be doing. This includes advertising on local director websites and making sure that your business is listed on Google maps.  

Google often display map listings above organic website listings so it is a really good way to get traffic to your website. It is free to have a Google Map listing and it is another way to improve your chances of being found on the search engines, often pushing you up to the top for competitive search phases if you are in the geographical location of the person searching. Adding your business to Google maps is relatively easy but remember to add as much information as possible such as opening hours, pictures and very importantly a link to your website.  Even if you don’t have a website you can still get listed on Google Maps and add a phone number for any enquiries.

Make sure that you also research local directories which often offer free listings for businesses or a small yearly subscription fee. Adding your site to as many of these as possible cold also generate new leads.

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