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Mobile marketing – is it essential to your business?

Posted on June 29, 2019 at 1:21 pm

Many of us have smart mobile phones that allow us to download apps, make purchases through websites and opt in for notifications from certain businesses. Marketing is on the increase and this is because the number of people now using their mobile to search for products and services online is becoming greater month on month. Approaching busy retail periods such as Christmas and January sales, traffic through apps or websites surge.

There are many ways in which to target mobile customers in terms of marketing. Some companies use an SMS text service allowing them to connect directly with each individual. Other companies use an app to engage users and then send them updates regarding their company via the app. If a busy has a sale on and they want to let people know, they may send out a notification that pings up on your phone telling you about it or (if you have allowed permission) actually add the event in to your calendar. This type of marketing can work really well for many companies and once the initial cost for the app has been paid, there is often not a lot to pay in terms of running costs. 

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