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Is having more than one site confusing?

Posted on August 30, 2018 at 1:14 pm

Some businesses have more than one website and often this is done to allow them to better compete in slightly different areas. If for example you have a website that sells kitchens and bathrooms, you may decide to split the site in to two, one for kitchens and one for bathrooms. This then allows you to theme that site more specifically to the one term rather than it having to be broader. Other people have two sites for different types of visitor. So they may have a site that is for personal users and then a site that is for business users.

You should be aware that a visitor may land on the wrong site so it is good to have a visible link between the two as if you do not the visitor is likely to think that you are not the right company for them and leave. Having a simply banner or button which says are you looking for… and then click here to redirect can be enough to retain the traffic between the two sites.

You must make sure that your sites are not duplicates of each other, some people used to do this and out the site on different URL’s in hoping of getting ranked twice. Google and the other search engines will chose to ignore one of the sites and possibly blacklist both.


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