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Why might it be time for a redesign?

Posted on January 17, 2018 at 3:46 pm

If you have had your website for a few years and are happy with how it is performing then you may wondered why you should change it. The old saying of if it’s not broke why fix it often comes to mind, but by leaving your website too long without updating it you may be missing on customers and even Google rankings.

When someone goes to a website they like to see relevant useful information that relates to the search term they put in on Google. The way in which you display this information is often set up when the site is first built and over time with advances in technology, you may find that there is a better way to do so. With many people now using mobile phone to view websites, it is important that the information is displaying correctly and in an easy way for them to read and navigate through.

If your site looks a little outdated then your visitors may have this impression about your business. You want them to see that you are keeping up with the advances in your industry and that you are innovative.

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