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Testing a website before setting it live

Posted on August 29, 2017 at 10:40 pm

Any good website programmer should thoroughly test the website they have built before passing it back over to the client. Although this is the correct procedure, unfortunate this does not always happen or it does but the programmer may have missed something (often they are a little too close to the project). If you are the client having a website created then I would strongly urge you to test the site yourself and if possible also have a few other people test it that maybe have not seen it before.

Setting a website live that has problems, doesn’t work properly or broken links can be detrimental to a new business and not only lose you instant custom but future business. If you do come across any issues note them down. Once you have a complete list, then pass them on to the programmer to fix. Ideally you want to try and give them all the issues in one go as it will be quicker for them to fix them all in one go.

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