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Adding a blog to your website

Posted on May 8, 2017 at 11:28 am

You may have seen websites that have blogs on them and wonder what they are all about. Blogs are added to websites for a number of reasons; some are added because the creator feels that some of the information would be useful and of interest to their viewers and some are created purely for marketing purposes, to improve the onsite SEO and help improve the website rankings in the search engines.

When considering adding a blog to your website you should try and ensure that your blog will do both. Yes you can have a blog purely to satisfy the need for fresh, relevant content on your site, but if you can make the blog useful and of interest then that has to be better.

If you have an accountancy website for example, then your visitors may find it very useful to have a blog that contains latest industry news such as changes to the tax allowances, employment laws and company car rules and regulations. It may also be useful to include a calendar with useful dates such as tax deadlines and VAT submissions etc. This way you are adding fresh, relevant content to your site but you are also adding content that will be read and possibly even shared.


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