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Should you include ads in your website design?

Posted on December 24, 2016 at 11:47 pm

Many businesses start off with a clean website and then often they get a bit carried away with ads and banners and very quickly clutter the site up. Previously everyone used to add pop-up windows to their websites. Very quickly web developers learnt that this is not what people want and therefore if they want to have ads on the site they needed to be done in a more subtle way.

Before adding ads to your website you need to weigh up the benefits from having them. If you are thinking about letting third parties advertise on your site then you need to work out the monetary value of each advert and also how much work will be involved in building the system to allow you to upload the ads, track clicks etc.

Ads can put visitors off, so it may be worth trialling a few to start with to check how your visitor stats compare. Never allow customers to upload their own adverts with them being checked first as if it is on your site you will be seen to be promoting it.

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