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Making a lasting impression with web design

Posted on November 29, 2016 at 7:56 pm

Designing a website for your business can be pretty difficult and for professional use, it is definitely best left up to the experts as what your website looks like will say a lot about your business to potential customers.

The aim is to make your website stand out from others in your same area of business and to leave a lasting impression that leaves visitors of the page eager to find out more and ultimately invest in your product or services.

Careful consideration must be taken when planning things such as colour schemes as this can give subconscious messages to people upon first glance of the page and unconsidered schemes can leave people feeling that the page is unprofessional and not product appropriate.

Font tends to be the next thing that people notice as if the font is hard to read it can leave the reader confused about the product and unwilling to read on to find out more. Some fonts appear more aggressive than others and as such would not be suitable for some businesses offering, for example, complementary therapies.

It’s worth taking the time out to meet with your website designer to discuss your website in detail and what you want it to say about your business as well as the overall impression you want to give and discuss options of how you can make your website stand out from the crowd.

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Tracking your visitors progress through your website

Posted on November 3, 2016 at 4:14 pm

Having a website can increase your sales and enquiries rate massively. Many website owners track their placement on the search engines for their main keywords or phrases or employ a marketing company to do this for them. But it is not only rankings that we should be concerned with.

It is all well and good getting traffic to your site, but if your site is too busy, parts of it do not work or take too long to load or simply if it lacks in information you may very quickly lose the majority of visitors you have.

Invest some time into installing a high-quality tracking system to see where your customers are going and what they are clicking on within your site. This will highlight to you areas that need improving and areas that are not working as they should. It can also show you what is working well.




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