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Making your website work on mobile devices

Posted on March 20, 2015 at 10:23 pm

A huge percentage of website views are now coming from people using mobile phones or tables. I recently saw a website that went live and within the first day had received over 50 visits of which ninety percent were on mobile phones. Many companies are using social media of a way of advertising their brand and products / services and often the visitor will be looking at their social media accounts on a phone or tablet. With these figures, it is obvious that all website owners should be considering mobile marketing and mobile friendly websites.

You could go all out and have an app created for your site, but even if you do it is also important that you make sure the main sites is still compatible as you will find that a percentage of visitors do not want to install the app.

If you have a website that was built a number of years ago then you may need to go back to the web developers and ask them to either create a mobile version of the site or at least optimise your current one to display correctly on these platforms. Delaying in doing this could be costing you visitors which in turn means sales.

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