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How to become a website programmer

Posted on September 30, 2014 at 9:43 am

A good website programmer can be like gold dust, and because of this, these jobs are often quite well paid. You do not have to of attended a university or college to study programming as some of the best developers are self taught. There are many online tutorials and webinars available to show you the basics of web programming and start you off. The best way to learn programming is the hands on approach. Try and build a website for yourself and increase the functionality and size of it over time as you learn new skills. You do not have to set your site live to the public if you do not want to.

Programming is done in languages, some of the popular ones being PHP, Java, C and C++. Depending on what type of server the website will be hosted on and what it needs to achieve will help you decide which type of language you program it in.

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